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"Working with Steve Kinsella has been a most rewarding experience for me and my family. Steve has the rare gift of quality teaching from the heart. He cares about you not only as a student, but also as a person.  Steve has made me a better singer and actor, and he can do the same for you. "

Thank you Steve!
Al Guaraglia
Exclusive Representation by
The STARS Agency
San Francisco and Los Angles

Not Just Actors 

ITS TRUE, we help actors prepare for auditions,  but there is more... 

We can assist in a variety of front of room situations. 
Courtroom professionals  wishing to increase their courtroom "presence" have benefited from training with Steve

We help people prepare for university & scholarship auditions. Sales Acceleration Training, CEOs, and Worship Leaders have benefited from their studies with Steve.

For many, goals were accomplished in three sessions.

Call or use the Registration Page Link below to see if we can help you get what you want.

Mr Kinsella 
 directs a myriad of Film, Musical Theater, Music Videos, Commercials,  and Dramas  in the San Francisco East Bay.   

Private Instruction

Introduction to Singing
In a comfortable setting students get practical, usable techniques for singing.
Understand the mechanics of singing and apply time tested techniques
for making your singing experience an enjoyable experience.

Audition Preparation

Participants learn to prepare for a singing or acting audition.
Learn the lingo so you'll know when you're NEXT!
Song selection delivery techniques.
Understand Stage Fright and how to use it to your advantage.

Monologue Preparation

Selecting the right piece that gets you noticed.
What to do when there is no one to play off?
Creating the real moments.
What to do, and what NOT to do! Intro to Acting,

Private Instruction Acting

What does  "In Character,"  mean anyway?
Learn the different tools to bring the words from the page to life.

Understand the choices an actor has at their disposal, and the
action behind the outer action.

Intermediate Acting

A deeper exploration of the acting tools.
Improvisational skills, script analysis, stage-blocking notation system, scene study.

 Advanced Acting
 By Audition ONLY!

Students prepare workshop performances.
;Advanced acting students are often asked to audition for main stage


The following area is for those interested in
Television, V/O, Industrial Films, Getting an Agent,
Commercials, and On Camera Acting Skills

Getting an Agent

The demystification of submitting your package (and how it should look) to a
legitimate talent agency to represent you to on-camera castings.

The Ins and outs of acting for the camera.
Real information to use right now in auditioning

or acting in television and industrial film, commercial,
video, or motion picture projects.

Acting for Commercials
Myths and mysteries about the money in commercial acting.

Techniques to have the product you're selling, sell you.
Methods to make the entire process from the audition to the shoot successful.

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